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~Angela Schwindt

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Homework for 11/8-11/12

Hello Parents:
Hope you all had a nice weekend. Here is the homework for this week. I will always post homework on Monday, and it will always be due on Friday. You just need to send any writing to school with your child in order for them to get credit for homework. If your child chooses to do activities on the computer, just send a note saying what they did and that they did the reading. If you have questions, give me a call or an e-mail so I can clarify!!! OK, so here it is...remember homework is supposed to reinforce what we are learning in the classroom, not be torture for you or the kid :)
Homework for 11/8-11/12/2010
*Read to a parent or have them read to you for 10 minutes EVERY night!! (required)
*pick 4 activities to complete
1.Complete section G.1 on ixl math with 80% or better.
2.Spend 10 minutes (at least) on superstar online.
3.Write or draw a picture of 10 things you are thankful for.
4.Practice letter naming and letter sounds with a grown-up or older sibling. See if you know all 26 letters and their sound
5.Work on starfall for 10 minutes (or more). See if you can read one book by yourself.
6.Write your name using capital and lower case letters 5 times in your best kindergarten handwriting.

Have a great week, Mrs. Chidester

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Lyndsey said...

Can I just say I love this new homework idea... Parker is actually excited to do his homework every night:)